Products - Overview

CVL provides integration software and services primarily through SAP (Systems Applications and Products). Through two distinctive processes (Collaborative Decision Making (using BI) and the Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) using PI) data can be integrated in a timely and trustworthy means to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The services provided are managed via real-time system monitoring (SAP Solution Manager) which supports the entire life cycle of solution development.

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) - provides a data warehousing functionality to allow integration, validation, transformation, consolidation, and storage of data. It also incorporates reporting and analysis tools for the evaluation and interpretation of data and the warehousing of administrative processes.

SAP Process Integration (PI) - previously known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI). PI enables the implementation of automated real-time cross-system handling, transformation, and monitoring of data. It allows the integration of systems from various contractors running different software versions (and implemented in different programming languages) to each other. At the center of the infrastructure is an internal XML (eXtensible Markup Language) based communication system that transfers application-specific content across PI as user-defined XML messages from sender to receiver.

SAP Solution Manager (SM) - a tool to assist in SAP application management and support throughout the entire life cycle of solution development, from the Business Blueprint to Configuration to Production Processing. SM provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured contents which will be used during evaluation, implementation and operational processing of CWE based systems. SM supports the entire lifecycle of the client’s application solutions, mainly having six phases: Requirement Analysis, Design, Build, Deployment, Operation and Optimization. SM runs in a separate central system connected to all other SAP systems via the System Landscape Directory (SLD). The System Landscape Directory is comprised of all the components and resources used to develop, test, and implement the SAP Solution.


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