CVL Information Solutions - Overview

CVL Information Solutions Inc. is a consulting firm which focuses on development and implementation of system application strategies for large to medium-sized businesses and government departments.

CVL solutions help your organization address specific technology, business and industry challenges, through the use of application technology, including but not limited to SAP products. Our solutions are designed to provide an integrated approach to business strategy through a number of platforms, network technologies and programming software. Our team provides a strong understanding of business and is in a solid position to design and implement comprehensive solutions that will enhance your overall operational efficiency.

The partners and consultants at CVL have years of experience implementing SAP Netweaver based products (Including integration with legacy corporate systems and/or standard office software as required) across a breadth of technologies. Most competitors face significant limitations in that they are tied to their experience of the core SAP products and have relatively little experience in cross-platform SAP installations, people and information integration; or have little business experience and therefore have a limited understanding of the real needs of their clients. CVL has a strong understanding of business, organizational, and strategic issues; our Professional Services aim to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs and requirements.